• Welcome to the SPEDION team

The statistics of a small crew

From the bespectacled and those with 20/20 vision to the weekend athlete and the couch-potato. That's one way to describe our diverse team at SPEDION! However, with an age range of 17 to 62, the team also represents years of expertise and life experience. And what's more, 58.6% of the team prefers coffee and 34.5% like to drink tea! Also, as 6.9% of us are vegetarian, we're going to predict there'll be no shortage of grill masters around the BBQ this summer! Altogether, we also have 39 children and enjoy travelling around Germany and taking trips to Scandinavia and Spain. And while everyone has a driver's licence for a car, 6.9% of us also hold a licence to drive a truck. A whopping 58.6% of the SPEDION team commutes to work either by bicycle, e-bike or pedelec. But while a majority of us only travel a short distance to reach the office, 3.6% of the team are happy to travel as much as 36 kilometres. At home, we each have as many as six digital devices to play on, and WhatsApp and YouTube are our social media of choice. Our reading behaviour also tends to favour online—followed closely by books. Some people say the SPEDION App has multiple-value characteristics. But we also like to call it 'mighty flexible', 'clear and organised', and 'versatile, customisable and reliable'. A few of us are also convinced 'If Bud Spencer were still around, he would never take off in a truck without the SPEDION App'. Finally, when asked to describe our customers, we answer with words such as 'pleasant and witty', 'straightforward and easy-going', 'loyal and creative', 'open to new ideas', 'rugged', and 'process-oriented, driven and determined' – to mention just a few.

Together we are SPEDION.

Wolfram GrohseWolfram GrohseManaging DirectorWe are happy to advise you on the right solution before you purchase a device for the SPEDION App. Take advantage of our know-how!
Günter EnglertGünter EnglertManaging DirectorEvery day, the ongoing dialogue we have with our customers, gives us ideas for new trends and product improvements.
Bernd SchoobBernd SchoobBusiness DevelopmentWith a full range of features, the SPEDION App also has low, absolutely transparent investment costs.
Frank MichalkFrank MichalkBusiness DevelopmentWith the aid of real-time status messages, our users can, if necessary, rearrange time windows and thereby optimise the workflow.
Jochen BayerJochen BayerSoftware Developer
Patrick BeerPatrick BeerSoftware Developer
Thomas BöhmThomas BöhmSystem Administrator
David BüdelDavid BüdelProject Management
Philipp EndemannPhilipp EndemannChief Operating Officer
Dr. Frank EnglertDr. Frank EnglertSoftware Developer
Markus GrauMarkus GrauSoftware Developer
Christian HeiningerChristian HeiningerProject Management
Emanuel HarmsEmanuel HarmsSoftware Developer
Christian KlotzChristian KlotzSoftware Developer
Daniel KrämerDaniel KrämerSoftware Developer
Stanislav PetrulaStanislav PetrulaSoftware Developer
Robert RezRobert RezSoftware Developer
Tobias SchultesTobias SchultesSoftware Developer
Daniel SeigiesDaniel SeigiesSoftware Developer
Umar TararUmar TararSoftware Developer
Thomas TitzeThomas TitzeSupport
Kai WallaschekKai WallaschekProject Management
Dominik WenzelDominik WenzelSoftware Developer
Nils WilhelmsNils WilhelmsSoftware Developer
Anna ZangAnna ZangCustomer Care
Anna ZunzerAnna ZunzerExecutive Assistant